VentureCap Insights

Is the only source of accurate, comprehensive and up to date information on fundraising, valuations and revenue for startups and venture backed companies.

Why We Are Different

Other platforms rely on web crawlers and volunteered information which is inherently unreliable, covers only a limited number of companies and only provides aggregate fund raising details. We only rely on source documents so our data is always accurate. We know as soon as any company raises funds or any VC investor makes an investment so we are far more comprehensive. And we are the only source of information for revenue, valuations and much more.

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Here is just some of the information we provide:


The exact amount of funds raised by every company, and the amount invested by each investor, at every round


The top line financials, such as revenue, revenue growth and EBIT


The valuation of each company at every round, and the value of every investor's investment based on the last round valuation