Company Background

When we looked closely at other platforms we realized that they were not covering a large number of startups, and many of the startups they show as active are actually closed. Their data on fund raising was accurate and up to date only about 50% of the time. And none of them had data on revenue, valuations and other key factors. So VentureCap Insights was built to change this.

Why use VentureCap Insights?

For Investors: See every investment other investors make, how much they are investing and into which companies and sectors. Discover more startups, and learn much more about them and the ones you may already know. Get real benchmarks for valuations, and see how other investors investments are performing.

For Startups, Entrepreneurs, Accelerators, Incubators and Venture Builders: Fund raising a critical part of success. Now you can see the investments of every investor, not just the minority covered in the media (which is often inaccurate). You can find all the investors that invest in your sector and stage, and see what valuations they are giving. And you can see your competitors financial performance, how much they have raised and their valuations.

For advisors, bankers, lenders and others working with startups: know whats going on in the market to better assist your client, and which companies you should engage.

Here is a sample of our data